Armaş 800 series automatic hydraulic control valves are designed in the “Y” body model type so as to show maximum resistance to cavitation under minimum head loss in high flow rates. Armaş 800 series automatic hydraulic control valves are double-chamber diaphragm actuated and disc closed type. Valve has a standard double control chamber.



The “Y” type valve body designed hydrodynamically provides 25 % more flow compared to standard globe bodies and has a lower head loss.

– Double-chamber diaphragm actuator provides quicker and non-impact opening/closing thanks to disc-closing valve design compared to diaphragm-actuator, diaphragm-closing valves and prevents blockage by showing less sensitivity against solid substances within fluid.

– Ensures maximum flow thanks to its “Y”- type body.

– Is effected minimally from cavitation damages thanks to its broad “Y”- type body design.

– Has easy use and maintenance due to simple design.

– Makes opening and closing without causing and surges.

– Ensures smooth control thanks to its standard dual control chambers.

– Provides full tightness thanks to its stem bedded rigidly and stainless steel spring.

– It operates controlledly and smoothly and closes drip-tight by means of valve stem embedded rigidly on valve body.
– Closing disc provides tightness by means of elastic rubber in the disc, sitting in the replaceable body bush.

– Does not require maintenance in operation for a long time due to its corrosion resistant components.

– Has a long working life in operation since coating has been made with phosphorization and over-dried epoxy powder paint.

– Performs perfect modulation in variable flows and even too low flow rates close to zero.

– Has a wide range of application with use of different pilot valves.