Armaş 2000 series hydrocyclones are designed in simple structure to be used in the filtration of well water or other water sources containing sand, gravel or particles heavier than the water. Due to simple structure, it is more economic and easy to use relative to other sand separators. Armaş hydrocyclones causes minimum pressure loss in filtration systems and therefore, they operate at maximum efficiency. Armaş 2000 series hydrocyclones, used as primary filtering element in filtration systems, are provided in single or modular forms which ensure manual or fully automatic cleaning process.



It provides ease of use and of maintenance due to simple structure.
– Pre-painting phosphorization is performed for maximum resistance against corrosion.
– It has long economic life based on Epoxy – Polyester coating.
– It operates completely based on cyclone principle
– It performs filtration (separation) process with minimum pressure loss.
– Single or modular systems can be used for various application fields with different diameters.
– Two different models are available including manual and automatic.
– Automatic models can perform self-cleaning process without any disruption in water supply.




– Filtration of reserve water such as deep well
– Filtration of water containing sand, gravel or particles heavier than water
– Preliminary filtration of gravel, Disc and mesh filters
– Agricultural drip and micro-irrigation systems
– Separation of solid particles larger than mesh diameter of 200.