Greener grass with less water – Rain Curtain™ nozzles deliver superior uniformity.
Easy installation and adjustment with a ratcheting stem.
The perfect solution for quick watering or wet-down of clay tennis courts or sports turf infield areas with the optional high speed version (full rotation in approximately one minute).



Standard Model Radius: 11.9 to 19.8 m
High Speed Model Radius: 11.3 to 18.6 m
Flow rate: 0.66 to 4.93 m3/h
Pressure: 2.1 to 6.2 bar 1” (26/34) BSP female threaded inlet
SAM check valve device holds back up to 3.1 m of elevation difference
Nozzle trajectory angle: 25°
Rain Curtain nozzles: 04 (black), 06 (light blue), 08 (dark green), 10 (grey), 12 (beige), 14 (light green), 16 (dark brown), 18 (dark blue)